Low Pro RZR cage

Customer Cage Install


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Low Pro Rear Cage


The RZR cage was built for the following: RZR 900 S, RZR Trail, RZR 1000 S, RZR 1000 XP, and RZR Turbo. 

Made from High Strength Steel (Tensile Strength Ultimate 90,000 PSI Yield Strength 80,000 PSI) and are powder-coated to match your factory cage, and then shipped to your door.  Offered with the cage is the option of seat belt tabs or harness tabs whichever you prefer. 

Depending on how tall the rider is determines which cage would be best for you. We recommend that riders over 6 feet tall go with a 4 inch cage. 

Why my cage?

The CW Motorsports Low-Pro Cage offers riders a unique look to their RZR.  Aside from that, the cage allows you to store your RZR in an enclosed trailer or toy trailer.  You are also able to run all of your factory accessories with the Low-Pro RZR cage. 

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